How to put a condom on | Safe sex

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Why use condoms

Did you know that Condoms are clearly the cheapest way for you to get around if you are thinking of Safe Sex?

Preventing STI and un expected pregnancy is as easy as buying a condom from the nearest store or pharmacy at a really reasonable price. This will protect you and your partner from STI whether you are engaged in just usual sexual intercourse or oral / anal sex

Condom is one of the best contraception methods as well. How it works is that it prevents male sperms contacting female eggs by which the reproduction is prevented. Whether you are married or not its a choice of going ahead with a pregnancy as it has to be done at the right time. Rather than using pills after an un safe sex and running behind doctors it is always best to be proactive and avoid you and your partner falling in unnecessary trouble..


There are male condoms as well as female condoms which can substitute each other. But the easiest and most popular method would be to use a male condom.

Using condoms these days can be a bit overwhelming, since you feel like you are not close enough to your partner with that rubber in between. but imagine having to go through all the hassle if your girlfriend get’s pregnant, worst come to worst you will have to do an abortion, It might put her life in danger.

Therefore until you plan on making your girl/wife pregnant, stick to condoms even it brings a little bit less pleasure.

There are different brands out there in the market that could suit your style of sex, make sure to go through a guide or a reliable source where you can find out the correct size and brand for you , Trojan is one of the top brands out there which you will be very satisfied buying. the other would be Durex , which will also bring in some great styles and variies to the table.. you can chose anything you like, try walmart or Target.. other easy place to get condoms would be gas stations .